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AICQ is a center of enlightenment focusing on teaching the recitation and memorization of the Holy Qur’an.

AICQ programs and lessons are designed to build a Quranic generation that benefits the individuals and the society they live in through the Quranic teachings and ethics of our tolerant Islamic faith.

Our accredited programs are varied and include all segments of society: young and old, male and female:
ran recitation programs

Quran memorization programs

Certification in proper recitation of the Quran

Certification in Quran Tajweed Rules as “TuhfatAlatfal”, “Aljazariah”, “Shatebya” and Durra and others.

The graduate receives certificates and licenses to teach the Holy Qur’an based on the chain of narration traced back to the Prophet peace be upon him. Also they can receive certificates in Tajweed rules based on the scholars who wrote the rules “May Allah accept their deeds”.
The board of AICQ consists of qualified individuals with more than thirty years of expertise in the Quranic teachings and have certificates in different ways of recitation and science of Tajweed rules linked to the Prophet peace be upon him with the shortest link “highest Isnad”.

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